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Hydraulic oils contain specific additive formulas designed to meet the specific needs of hydraulic systems and typically focus on anti-wear (AW), rust and oxidation (RO) or multi-viscosity (MV) formulas.

PowerUp HydraMaxx is a balanced formula designed to blend with these oils to complement and enhance the protection of equipment under difficult performance requirements where the oil alone proves inadequate.

HydraMaxx enhances cold flow, improves viscosity index, provides improved water separation and unparalleled anti-wear and rust and corrosion protection. HydraMaxx also uses seal conditioning agents, reducing the long term effects of heat exposure to elastomer seals and hydraulic hoses.

HydraMaxx is compatible with mineral based (Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefin and diester (Group IV) hydraulic oils. HydraMaxx is not recommended for use with water based fluids, phosphate esters or polyglycol fluids.


  • Extends Oil service Life
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Integrates well with synthetic and conventional hydraulic oils
  • Contains no Zinc and can be used with hydraulic systems requiring Zinc-free oils
  • Separates water from hydraulic oils
  • Enhances cold weather operation
  • Reduces Ultrasonic noise caused by component wear
  • Reduces fuel and/or electrical power consumption in many applications
  • Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear particles
  • Increases equipment availability; extends component life
  • Provides long term protection for pumps, valves, motors, cylinders, seals and hoses

HydraMaxx is recommended for all hydraulic circulating systems and is compatible with Nitrile, Neoprene and Fluorocarbon elastomer seals. HydraMaxx may also be used in automatic transmissions at 1% HydraMaxx to oil volume.

5% HydraMaxx to Oil volume ratio is the recommended concentration for most applications. For extreme cold applications higher concentrations may be needed to obtain desired results.