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GearMaxx 1L

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Extreme pressure gear oils (API GL-3, GL-4, GL-5, SAE J2360) contain specific additive formulas designed to provide long term wear protection.

PowerUp GearMaxx is a commercial additive package designed to blend with these oils to complement and enhance the protection of equipment under difficult
performance requirements where the oil alone proves inadequate.

Conventional EP additives generally require elevated temperatures to initiate their film strength. The enhanced high strength protective film becomes much less temperature dependent when using GearMaxx; providing better protection on start up and in cold weather applications.

GearMaxx is compatible with mineral based (Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefin and diester (Group IV) gear oils. GearMaxx is not recommended for use with water based fluids, phosphate esters or polyglycol fluids.

GearMaxx contains no solid particles or heavy metals and is compatible with manufacturer specifications requiring low-ash (SAPS) oil content.

Over the life of a fluid the additive package depletes. GearMaxx can extend fluid life and slow the process of oil degradation. Friction reduction specifically in boundary or mixed lubrication conditions lowers operating temperature, limiting the effects of fluid oxidization. GearMaxx can also improve the total base number (TBN) of the gear oil and be used to re-additize gear oil that has lost crucial additives over its service life.

GearMaxx is intended for use in gear reducers, bearing housings, posi-trac and limited slip differentials, cone and jaw crushers, pulverizing equipment, final drives, conveyor gear boxes, manual transmissions, drop boxes, rotary tables, tube and ball mills, chain drives, mud pumps, bull gear and pinion sets, oil bath hubs and other oil lubricated systems which call for extreme pressure (EP) oils.


  • Extend Oil service Life
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Integrates well with synthetic and conventional gear oils
  • Reduces Ultrasonic noise caused by component wear
  • Reduces fuel and/or electrical power consumption in many applications
  • Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear particles.
  • Increases equipment availability; extends component life
  • Enhances film strength and improves shear resistance

TREAT RATIO 5% of oil volume or 3% of oil volume when using high viscosity gear oils (ISO 320 and above).