EngineMaxxLA 1L

EngineMaxxLA 1L

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A balanced engine oil formula designed for diesel engine oils with API CJ-4 and high mileage gasoline engine oils with API SM/SN.

Using PowerUp EngineMaxxLA gives you a custom lubricant solution which can rise to the challenge of difficult performance requirements and longer drain intervals while providing improved fuel economy. When used in combination with API approved CJ-4 or newer diesel oils and high-mileage gasoline engine oils with API SM/SN, obtain all the benefits of increased film strength and a high performance additive formula.

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Viscosity Index Improvers: Enhanced VII maintain lubricant flow and improve shear stability of the oil, especially at extreme temperatures.

Maintains cleanliness and keeps contaminants in suspension. May remove varnish buildup in older equipment.

Extreme Pressure/Anti-Wear Additives:
Polarized AW, Friction Modifier and EP components provide unequaled protection in high load, high friction conditions. Fluid strength is increased allowing for significant friction reduction and protection of engine components. Polarized film protects during start up conditions.

Seal Conditioning Agents:
Reduces the long term effects of heat exposure to elastomer seals, keeping seals pliable.

Oxidation Inhibitors and Acid Neutralizers:
Enhanced alkaline reserve prevent oil breakdown during service life. Increased stability and performance of the basic lubricating components of the oil.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors:
Protect against adverse effects of moisture and oil oxidation caused by free wear metals present in oil.

Carefully balanced formula is designed to complement and enhance the existing API oil formulations.

Blend up to 5% of EngineMaxxLA with engine oil for maximum benefit (200ml-250ml for most automobiles). This size should provide for 4 or more oil changes in your car.