EngineMaxx 1L

EngineMaxx 1L

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A balanced engine oil formula designed for gasoline engine oils with API SM/SN.

PowerUp EngineMaxx is designed to blend with engine oils to complement and enhance the protection of equipment under diffcult performance requirements where the oil alone proves inadequate. Can also be used to extend the service life of oils.

EngineMaxx helps to increase service life by improving the ability of the oil to neutralize contaminants and acidic byproducts, enhance sheer stability and oxidization resistance and improving wear protection through the use of proprietary lubrication chemistry and premium additive technology.

EngineMaxx is compatible with mineral based (Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefn and diester (Group IV) engine oils bearing API service categories

EngineMaxx contains no solid particles or heavy metals and is compatible with manufacturer specifications for extended service engine oils.


  • Extend Oil service Life
  • Improve energy efficiency and fuel economy
  • Integrates well with synthetic and conventional engine oils
  • Eliminates dry starts
  • Reduces Ultrasonic noise caused by component wear
  • Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear particles
  • Increases equipment availability; extends component life
  • Provides greater protection for engines
  • Enhances film strength and improves shear resistance 

The EngineMaxx formula has been carefully designed to complement and enhance existing oil formulations including synthetic blends.

Blend up to 5% of EngineMaxx with engine oil for maximum benefit (200ml-250ml for most automobiles). This size should provide for 4 or more oil changes in your car. Also great for chain saws, lawnmowers, shop tools... any equipment that needs either better lubrication or just some TLC!